Costa Blanca Travel Tips – Checkout 15 Reasons to Live in the Costa Blanca


The Costa Blanca is over 200 km of the Mediterranean coast in the province of Alicante on the southeast coast of Spain. It extends from the city of Dénia in the north, behind which lies the Costa del Azahar, to the Pilar de la Horadada in the south, behind which lies the Costa Cálida.

Why would anyone want to come and live in the Costa Blanca?

Here are some good reasons

1. The weather is lovely. With an average annual temperature of 18 ° C (64.5 ° F), over three hundred days of sunshine, and low humidity, year-round outdoor activities become a reality.

2. No more unpleasant wet days, which probably last from autumn to spring and cause a “seasonal affective disorder” (SAD).

3. The 170-mile coastline is one of the most beautiful and diverse regions bordering the entire Mediterranean. With several clean sandy beaches and many small coves supported in the north of the Costa Blanca by beautiful and rugged mountains, the scenery is gorgeous.

4. All around are orange and olive groves, vineyards, almond trees, and majestic palms, practically all year round, wild and cultivated flowers that can be seen in all their glory.

5. Numerous towns and villages offer a vast range of quality living options. Benidorm with its great nightlife, casino, spectacular beach, theme and theme parks, and many attractions, don’t forget Benidorm Palace, which many consider the best outdoor show outside Las Vegas, it would be hard to beat all family fun. Alicante, in the middle of the Costa, is a vibrant industrial and tourist city with excellent shopping.

6. Along the coast, you will find towns and villages that vary from quiet stagnant waters to bustling, lively communities. For those who long for peace in the countryside, there are many opportunities inland from the coast. Many villages and towns in the “camp” are rich in architectural history and enjoy a slow pace of life that persists for centuries.

7. Contrary to popular perception, the main roads are comparable to the best in Europe, and you rarely encounter traffic jams, except for occasional crossings through Alicante.

8. There are excellent local train services and rail transport to the main Spanish cities, and from them it is exceptional and of great value. Don’t forget to book these primary services in advance. Air transport to other European cities is well provided, and access to Valencia Airport in the north, Alicante Airport in the middle and Murcia Airport in the south means that wherever you are on the Costa Blanca, you are never more than an hour away. There are also bus connections in the region, but for a foreigner who is not a Spanish speaker, it is not very easy.

9. It is difficult to invent any social or sporting activity that is not provided regardless of the nationality of the population. Name every conceivable water sport from the world-famous Admirals Cup to pure snorkelling through windsurfing and canoeing.

10. There are many golf, tennis, football, rugby, bowls, and badminton, even cricket clubs open to all nationalities. Skiing and winter sports are also just a few hours’ drive away. Amateur theater companies, some of which boast famous Thespian retirees holding hands, a bridge, a computer, and the list goes on. On the Costa Blanca, no one needs to be bored or lonely.

11. The Costa Blanca is, without a doubt, the most metropolitan region in all of Europe. Most of the foreigners who have made a home here are Germans and British with many Dutch, Belgians, French, Argentines (fantastic steaks), Russians, and others from the former Eastern bloc.

12. As a result, for gourmets among the inhabitants, there is an extensive range of culinary specialities that you can enjoy without having to travel far. Aside from many local Spanish and other restaurants featuring their national dishes, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, and more are never far away.

13. There are several major supermarket chains in the region, and one or more warehouses of your favourite domestic brands will never be too far away.

14. According to the World Health Organization, the Costa Blanca is considered one of the healthiest regions in the world. Many people who have arthritis, a disease that can paralyze, get relief from living here for a while thanks to the benign climate.

15. A typical Mediterranean diet consisting of a large proportion of fresh fruit, vegetables, and fish accompanied by olive oil contributes to the longevity of the population. Overall, medical services are much better than in the UK, with much shorter waiting times and high levels of medical care and hygiene.


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