Job opportunities abroad – discover five jobs perfectly suited to living abroad as a travellers


Are you considering living and working abroad? there are several options to choose from to obtain a perfect job.

However, many people falter in choosing the best profession, so here are five jobs that are perfectly suitable for getting a job abroad.

1. English teacher

It is one of the classics for everyone who wants to live and work in another country. While you can make a living as an English teacher from home, you can also travel with this skill almost anywhere in the world.

How much you can earn depends on where you teach in the world. In some countries, the salary is meagre, and it is just pocket money, but in other nations, you can make it an honourable profession.

Also, don’t forget the possibilities offered by teaching other subjects. International schools often hire experienced teachers, and the salary tends to be better than teaching English, so this is another option.

2. A party representative or a tour guide

This is another excellent option for people who want to live in another country and make some money. It is best suited for people who get to know the country well by living there some time in advance and learning the language a little. Once you do, you might find that you are an excellent offer for a travel company looking for someone with local knowledge.

3. Nanny

If you gain experience as a nanny, the possibilities of travelling abroad and finding work are endless. Au pair has been a decades-old business for people who want to see the world, and it’s as popular today as ever.

4. A journalist

If you train as a journalist, move to another country and gain experience there, you can build a reputation as a professional in your area. This may land you a job as an outside correspondent for a large media organization, and there will be plenty of freelance opportunities where you can share your knowledge.

5. Waiter

Sometimes, even the necessary skills are all you need to commute and work abroad. Get some experience working behind a bar, and it will become a skill you can take anywhere with you. Yes, there are a lot of people with the same abilities, but there are many bars around the world. Learn a little bit of the local language and your opportunities will expand, and you may find yourself working in hostels, expatriate bars and hotel bars all over the world.

Options for the self-employed

If you prefer to work as a freelancer rather than have a real career that allows you to work abroad, your options are almost endless. You can work as a writer, internet marketer, PPC expert, graphic designer, web designer, SEO consultant, translator, or anything you can do in a freelance role. Many people are now discovering that this is the best way to work abroad because you don’t have to stay in one place.


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