UAE Job Opportunities – Five Essential Things You Should Know When Searching For A Job In UAE


Dubai’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, tax-free lifestyle, and location as a hub in the Middle East make it an attractive destination for ex-pats from all over the world. Despite the uncertain times that the GCC economy is going through, it still provides a lot of job opportunities for ex-pats. So if you are an ex-pat planning to move to Dubai, read on to know some essential things to consider when looking for a job in the UAE, predominantly Dubai.

1. The best job search opportunity is between July and August

Dubai is a central point of attraction for talent. As the talent competition continues to intensify, employee turnover is higher than in other regions of the world. This is good news for job seekers as the whole year is beneficial for those looking for a job in Dubai.

However, there are a few months in which hiring slows down. During Ramadan, for example, business hours are shorter, and Muslims embrace the deep month with fasting, prayer, and charitable activities.

Pants are recruiting during the winter break, as many CEOs and CEOs return home in December and January.

2. Mobile applications and online job portals are the fastest routes to employment

Today, innovation and technology play a significant role in employment. Job seekers communicate with organizations through job applications and online job sites. Organizations also use social media platforms – which contain a lot of information about dynamic and inactive job seekers – to discover potential employees.

3. Diversity is what the organization looks for in its candidates

As Dubai attracts job seekers from all over the world, the market has become diversified and competitive, with a high turnover. Due to the unrivalled professional expertise the country offers, more than 200 nationalities currently operate in the region.

Cultural difference is something that job seekers should be open to. Emirati culture and its remarkable heritage is something that Emiratis are very proud of, and the local government hopes to preserve. Diversity is what organizations look for in individuals and relate it to cross-cultural competencies.

4. Fluency in the Arabic language is a great advantage

Job applicants should identify their strengths and weaknesses – being cooperative, supportive and adaptable players are high-value characteristics of this market. It would help if you had good English speaking, fluency in Arabic is a great advantage.

5. The usual cost of necessary materials in Dubai is high

Taking car loans, contracts, and other financial credits from banks and financial institutions is quite usual in Dubai. For those with families, the cost of education must be considered. There are a few school options to choose from – British, American, Indian and other educational programs – but the fees aren’t cheap! Annual school expenses can range from 20,000 dirhams to 80,000 dirhams, depending on the reputation of the school.


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