Discover the main reasons why Belize is the right place to move after retirement


Beautiful surroundings, plenty of natural treasures, sun-kissed beaches, friendly people and low cost of living make Belize a hot destination for people who want to settle in a beautiful natural environment.

To begin with, you first need to know Belize in detail. Therefore, plan a leisurely vacation to Belize to gain two benefits. First, you would get a break from your daily life. Second, you would get to know the environment that could trigger your decision to move to Belize.

Belize is not just about beaches, Mayan ruins or barrier reefs. There are many more places in Belize that are as exciting and beautiful. The best way to explore Belize is under the guidance of a reputed travel agency. A travel agency can organize a holiday to help you see different places from the possibility of moving to Belize permanently.

There are many reasons why Belize proves to be a hot destination for people who want to move away from a chaotic city life for reasons such as:

Permanent residence

No matter what country you belong to, it would be no problem to get a permanent residence in Belize. It only takes one year to live in Belize to obtain a permanent residence permit. You can also live in Belize without relinquishing your current citizenship.

Friendly people

Another reason for moving to Belize is the friendly and peace-loving Belizean people. Unlike big cities, where people choose to live an isolated life, Belize is a community based on relationships. This is a place where you will never get sick at home.

No taxes

In Belize, foreigners whose source of income is from another country, such as pensions, do not have to pay income tax. Apart from this, there is no inheritance tax and no capital gains tax in Belize.

Entrepreneurs’ paradise

Starting a business can be very simple in Belize and at the same time, cheap. You need a permanent residence or work permit, and then you can start almost any kind of business.

Low subsistence

Belize has a low cost of living. Here you can enjoy a high standard of living on even a small budget. This is something that is not possible in most of North America and Europe.

An adventurous life

Life never stops here, as there is so much to do all year round. Boating, swimming, snorkelling, diving, sailing, jet-skiing, caving and world-class sports, Belize is the place where you can enjoy all these things.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and enjoy something different from ordinary city life. There are many places in Belize that in no way resemble the capital, but still, there is a lot to do for you.


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